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Isolation of bactericidal and bacteriostatic antibiotics is of major practical importance in the treatment of severe infections, especially in patients with impaired immunity, when bactericidal preparations must be prescribed. Of the pharmacokinetic characteristics, the most important when choosing a drug are the half-life and bioavailability (for oral preparations).


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Наша лаборатория всего лишь труженик на поприще огромного потенциала информационных технологий 21 века. Мы ищем новые идеи и воплощаем их в нашу повседневную деловую жизнь. В настоящее время мы занимаемся целым спектром решений, которые охватывают многие сферы деловой жизни.


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5 октября 2013 года состоялось празднование  10-летия компании. Свой замечательный Юбилей компания провела в Каскеленском ущелье c ведущим Романом Альманским.


These are antibiotics in the most basic sense, but often they are called all antimicrobial agents. There are also fully synthetic antibacterial agents that differ in the mechanism of action on microbes and the overall effectiveness of exposure to humans. You can book and buy antibiotics at the ZdravZona pharmacy. Home medicine is not delivered. You can pick up medicine in our pharmacy. Is it possible to cure an infectious disease with antibiotics? Viral diseases are not amenable to therapy by such means, but they are prescribed in case bacterial complications appear. They do not act on fungal pathogens, worms.